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Toombs County Centennial 1905 - 2005
Toombs County Centennial 1905 - 2005
                Welcome To Toombs County Home of the Vidalia Sweet Onion.
Welcome To Toombs County Home of the Vidalia Sweet Onion
      Hometown USA Community Award

Toombs County, GA

Toombs County Historical Marker
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On August 18, 1905, Toombs County, Georgia was created from parts of Tattnall, Emanuel and Montgomery counties. Toombs is bordered on the north by Emanuel, on the northeast by Candler, on the east by Tattnall, on the southeast by Appling, on the southwest by Jeff Davis, on the west by Montgomery and on the northwest by Treutlen.

Originally Johnson, Emanuel, Toombs, Treutlen, Chandler, and Montgomery Counties were encompassed by Washington County.

There are three towns within Toombs County, these being Lyons, the county seat, Vidalia and Santa Claus. In 2000 the census for Toombs County was 26,067 with Lyons having 4,169 residents, Vidalia 10,331 residents and Santa Claus 237 residents with 11330 residents in the unincoporated areas. Unincoporated areas include Aimwell, Blue Ridge, Cedar Crossing, Center, Charles, Elton, English Eddy, Johnson's Corner, Gray's Landing, Harden's Chapel, Marvin, McNatt Falls, New Branch, Normatown, Ohoopee, Parker's, Ponderosa, Rackettown, Rock Springs, South Thompson and Toombs Central communities. See Toombs County Voting Pecincts Map

Some of the towns and communities that once existed in Toombs County: Aimwell, Aliph, Alpine, Appleton, Bandanna, Billvan, Bromley, Charles, Edna, Elton, Jenkins Station, Laff, Ozona, Parkers, Pendleton, Perrys Mills, Ponderosa, Rock Springs, Stacers, Stanleys Store, Sterling, Stonyhead, Straw and Tosh. Some of these towns can be seen on the 1910 or 1915 maps from Historical Atlas of Georgia Counties.

After the founding of Vidalia in 1890, these early towns gradually ceased to exist.

Towns in Toombs County

By the recent creation of the county of Toombs two prosperous towns have been cut off from older counties and given the new one a most excellent send-off. Vidalia has been taken from Montgomery and Lyons from Tattnall. The former had within its limits in 1900 503 citizens, but ten years later that number ran up to 1,776; while the latter had in 1900 534 and now has 927. Both these towns are in process of healthy development; in them the places of business and edifices of a public character show the thrift and industry of the people. Montgomery still holds on to her seat of justice, Mount Vernon, which ships a good amount of cotton annually, and does a large business in other produce. Its population has increased from 573 in 1900 to 605 in 1910.

Source: "A History of Savannah and South Georgia" Volume I. Harden, William. Chicago. Lewis Pub. Co. 1913. Notes: "Illustrated." Includes bibliographical references and index. Reprinted in 1969, with the addition of a biographical sketch of the author, by Cherokee Publishing Company, P.O. Box 683, Atlanta, Georgia 30301, from which copies are available at $20 each. [pp. 524-525]

Toombs County, Georgia Cities amd Towns

City Name Types (CNT):
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CD Census Data

CNT City, State ZIP (Type) Area
Latitude Longitude
N Cedar Crossing, GA 30436 (S) CD 912 32.20 -82.32
N Center, GA 30474 (S) CD 912 32.21 -82.41
N Charles, GA 30474 (S) CD 912 32.21 -82.41
N Johnson Corner, GA 30436 (S) CD 912 32.20 -82.32
30474 (S) CD 912 32.21 -82.41
D Lyons, GA 30436 (S) CD 912 32.20 -82.32
N New Branch, GA 30436 (S) CD 912 32.20 -82.32
N Newbranch, GA 30436 (S) CD 912 32.20 -82.32
N Normantown, GA 30474 (S) CD 912 32.21 -82.41
N Ohoopee, GA 30436 (S) CD 912 32.20 -82.32
30474 (S) CD 912 32.21 -82.41
N Santa Claus, GA 30436 (S) CD 912 32.20 -82.32
D Vidalia, GA 30474 (S) CD 912 32.21 -82.41
D Vidalia, GA 30475 (P) 912 32.21 -82.40
Information Source: Toombs County, Georgia Cities amd Towns - HomeTownLocator - Georgia Area Codes Map - Georgia County Map - Toombs County Physical Features & Cultural Features

BLITCH, Iris Faircloth, 1912-1993
Birth Place of
Iris Faircloth Blitch

born in Toombs County
near Vidalia, Ga., April 25, 1912
Georgia Senator 5th District
1947-48, 1953-54
U.S. Representative
Georgia 8th District, 1955-63
Hon. Peter Clifton (1851-1909) The Father of Toombs County
Hon. Peter Clifton 1851-1909
"Father of Toombs County"

The Descendants of William Clifton, Sr. and Elizabeth Wheeler Hale

Charles Hicks, Confederate and Union Soldier!
Burial Palce of
Charles Hicks
Co., F, 14th Ga. Inf. Reg't
Co., C 110th U.S. Colored Vol. Inf.
"The only Georgian who was a member of both the United Confederate Veterans and the Grand Army of the Republic."
Buried: Jordan Stream Baptist Church Cemetery
John Carter Brewton
Burial Place of
John Carter Brewton

co-founder of
Brewton-Parker College
Burial: Pinecrest Cemetery, Vidalia,
Toombs County, Georgia, USA
Joseph Simmons Alexander, Jr
Burial Place of
Joseph Simmons Alexander, Jr.

Georgia State Representative
Burial: Lyons Cemetery, Lyons,
Toombs County, Georgia, USA
Joseph Simmons Alexander, Senior Memorial Bridge
The Joseph Simmons Alexander, Senior Memorial Bridge
on U.S. No. 1 was namved in memory of his father.
John Ollie Edmunds, Sr. Actually, the elder Edmunds was a sawmill man who came to Higgston from Roberson County, N.C., a few years before the turn of the century. It was there that he met and married Dr. Edmund?s mother, who herself was a newcomer to Higgston at the time. He became a member of the First Baptist Church in Vidalia in 1896 and moved from that church to join another one in 1899, Dr. Edmunds said of his father when he wrote Mrs. Lee (Mrs. Henry) Wilkes, who presently owns the house in Higgston where Dr. Edmunds was born.
John Ollie Edmunds, Sr.
The Chancellor of
Stetson University

His father became a member of the First Baptist Church in Vidalia in 1896.
Algur Hurtle Meadows
Birth Place of
Algur Hurtle Meadows

co-founder of
General American Oil Co.
Burial: Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park, Dallas,
Texas, USA
Paul Claxton
Birth Place of
Paul Claxton
PGA Tour Golf Player
(born: 2/9/68)
Josh Dees
Birth Place of
Josh Dees
College Basketball Player
Wyoming Cowboys
Wallace Moses
Wallace Moses
Major League Baseball Player
Played Major League baseball for 17 seasons (1935 to 1951) as an Outfielder for the Philadelphia Athletics, Chicago White Sox, and Boston Red Sox.
Birth: Oct. 8, 1910 in Uvalda, GA
Death: Oct. 10, 1990 in Vidalia, GA
Burial: Pinecrest Cemetery, Vidalia,
Toombs County, Georgia, USA
Mel Blount born in Vidalia 04/10/1948
Birth Place of
Mel Blount
born in Vidalia April 10 1948
football player
1975 NFL Defensive MVP
All-Pro in 1975, 1977 and 1981
All-AFC four times
Pro Football Hall of Fame 1989
Paul Anderson World's Strongest Man
Paul Edward Anderson (1932-1994)
Paul Anderson Youth Home
Located in Vidalia, Ga.
Paul Anderson
Olympian, Strongman and Philanthropist
1956 Melbourne
Olympics Gold Medallist
in the 110+kg Class
Sema Wilkes, Restaurateur, 1907-2002
Birth Place of
Sema Americus Wilkes

born in Toombs County
in Aimwell, GA, 1907
Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room
Gregory Claude Wilkes
Birth Place of
Gregory Claude Wilkes

born in Toombs County
Jan. 1, 1948, to farmer John C. Wilkes and teacher Merle Wilkes.
Wade Carpenter
Birth Place of
Wade Carpenter

most recognised for his work on the hit WB television series 7th Heaven. His film credits include Dirt Merchant, and Class Warfare (TV).

Toombs County, Georgia Cemeteries
Cobb Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Cedar Crossing Church of God Cemetery
Center Methodist Church Cemetery
East Park Cemetery
Edmund Chapel Church Of God Cemetery
Eternal Glory Gardens
Galbreath Cemetery
Harden's Chapel Cemetery
Jordan Stream Baptist Church Cemetery
Lakeview Memorial Gardens
Lyons City Cemetery
Macon Cemetery
Marvin United Methodist Church Cemetery
McCorkle Cemetery
McLain Cemetery
Mt. Moriah Cemetery
Mt. Zion Cemetery
North Thompson Baptist Church Cemetery
Odom Cemetery
Ohoopee Baptist Church Cemetery
Old Reedy Creek Cemetery
Pinecrest Cemetery
Piney Green Cemetery
Precious Memories Cemetery
St. Matthews Church of God Cemetery
Sapp Cemetery
Sharpe Cemetery
South Thompson Baptist Church Cemetery
White Chapel Cemetery
Lyons Postmasters
Vidalia Postmasters
Vidalia Firefighters
Zip Codes
in the county of Toombs
Lyons, GA 30436
Santa Claus, GA 30436
Vidalia, GA 30474
Vidalia, GA 30475
Paul Anderson Youth Home
Paul Anderson Youth Home
Books Funeral Parlors Robert Toombs
Bibles Place Names Photographs
Jurors Toombs County Roads

Highway Accidents

Family Group Sheets
Historical Markers William Brantley Mosley
a soldier of the American Revolutionary War

The History of The First Baptist Church of Vidalia, Georgia
The History of The Vidalia First United Methodist

Presbyterian Churches
English Eddy Presbyterian Church
Lyons Presbyterian Church
Vidalia Presbyterian Church

Biographies: Adams, Charles E. | Brown, Leven Taylor | China, William T. | Clifton, Peter | Clifton, John H. | Curry, C. C. | Darby, Dr. V. L. | Hagan, Peter S. | Hicks, Charles | Johnson, G. L. | Johnson, J. Wade | Jones, Arthur Perry | Lewis, William Mills | May, John Calvin | McQueen, Alexander S. | Mosley, William Brantley | Parrish, Col. Thomas J. | Powell, Foy O. | Sneed, John L. | Thompson, Martha Price |
Ghost Towns Leven Taylor Brown
man lone Georgian in Flanders Field
U.S. History, Genealogy & Government Links Vidalia, Georgia History

"As Sweet As Its Namesake - The Story of Vidalia"

Vidalia, Georgia 1917 City Directory


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Memoirs of Georgia
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County Sketches
Civil War
The Advance
Thieves Steal from Cemeteries

The Washington Times
Karen Harville and her son, David Dykes, saw a bomb slice off the upper deck of a London bus.

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Toombs Co., GA Censuses 1910 1920 ED 120 1920 ED 121




Time Magazine

In Toombs

Monday, Jan. 10, 1927

War Memorial Maps
Real Estate Georgia Counties Neighboring Counties
Meadows Regional Medical Center
1703 Meadows Lane
Vidalia, GA 30474-8915
Phone: (912) 537-8921
Medicare provider code: 110128
Number of beds: 108

My Family Health Portrait - This new tool, called "My Family Health Portrait" can be downloaded for free and installed on your own computer. The tool will help you organize your family tree and help you identify common diseases that may run in your family. - United States Department of Health and Human Services - Office of the Surgeon General

Nursing Homes
Assisted Living Facilities

Toombs County Board of Education

Lyons Elementary School, Lyons
Toombs Central Elementary School, Lyons
Toombs County High School, Lyons
Toombs County Middle School, Lyons

Vidalia City Board of Education

Vidalia City Schools
Central Administration
J.D. Dickerson Primary School
Sally Meadows Elementary School
J.R.Trippe Middle School
Vidalia High School
School Nutrition Program

Southeastern Technical College


J.D. Dickerson High School

Public Schools Closing Monday & Tuesday due to Hurricane Rita in the Gulf

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue asks schools to cancel classes Monday and Tuesday to help conserve gasoline in response to Hurricane Rita

Altama Museum of Art and History Altama Museum of Art and History
611 Jackson St.
Vidalia Toombs County Public Library
Vidalia Toombs County Public Library
610 Jackson St.
Phone 912-537-9283
Ladson Genealogy Library
Ladson Genealogy Library

125 Church Street, Suite 104
Phone 912-537-8186

The Ladson Library is now opened in it's new quarters at 125 Church Street, Suite 104, downstaris and in the back of the old Belk's building. Be aware that services are limited as the books and materials are still being unpacked.

Vidalia City Hall
Vidalia City Hall
114 Jackson Street
(912) 537-8718
Lyons City Hall
Lyons City Hall
417 North Street
Lyons, GA 30436
(912) 526-8606
Meeting Date:
Second Tuesday of Month, 7:00 p.m.
Santa Claus City Hall
Santa Claus City Hall
P.O. Box 469
Lyons, GA 30436-0412
(912) 526-6949
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Vidalia Sweet Onion Field
Vidalia Sweet Onion Field
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  • Toombs County Courthouse
    Toombs County Courthouse
    Lyons, GA
  • Probate Court Judge Jackie 0. Driskell
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  • Cemeteries

  • U.S. Government
    Soil Conservation Service
    Ross P. Bowen Agricultural Center
    Court House Square
    Lyons, GA 30436
    (912) 526-6633
    FAX: 912-526-4866 (FSA)
    Toombs Consolidated Farm Service Agency
    200 Court House Square
    Lyons, GA 30436
    (912) 526-6154
    FAX: 912-526-4866
    Lyons Post Office
    Lyons Post Office
    131 North State Street
    Lyons, GA 30436
    (912) 526-8377
    Vidalia Post Office
    Vidalia Post Office
    310 Church St.
    (912) 537-3656

    Free Annual Credit Reports

    Vidalia Onion Museum
    Vidalia Onion Museum
    Social Security Administration
    103 West First Street
    Vidalia, GA 30474
    (800) 772-1213
    (912) 537-9365
    TTY: (912) 537-2837
    EPA Superfund Site
    CERCLIS Hazardous Waste Site Vidalia Drums
    2112 N. Maple Drive
    Vidalia, GA 30474
    EPA ID: GASFN0406958
    Alias ID: 101
    Actions: Discovery: 05/18/1999
    Social Security Administration
    Office of Hearings & Appeals
    1102 Main Street, NE
    Vidalia, GA 30474
    (912) 537-1777

    Federal & State Legislators
    George W. Bush
    George W. Bush
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500
    COMMENTS: 202-456-1111
    SWITCHBOARD: 202-456-1414
    FAX: 202-456-2461
    TTY/TDD: 202-456-6213
    Georgia Governors
    Sonny Perdue
    The Honorable Sonny Perdue Governor
    State of Georgia
    203 State Capitol
    Atlanta, Georgia 30334
    Mark Taylor
    The Honorable Mark Taylor
    240 State Capitol
    Atlanta, GA 30334
    (404) 656-5030
    Greg Morris
    State Representative Greg Morris
    601 Legislative Office Building
    Atlanta, GA 30334
    Phone (404) 656-0254
    Local: P.O. Box 1749
    Vidalia, GA 30475
    (912) 537-2880
    Dick Cheney
    Vice President Dick Cheney


    Lea Ann McBrideLocal Girl is VP's Press Secretary
    Jim Marshall
    Jim Marshall
    Washington, DC
    502 Cannon House Office Building
    phone: 202 225-6531
    Fax: (202) 225-3013
    District Office
    682 Cherry Street, Suite 300
    Macon, GA 31201
    Phone: (478) 464-0255
    Fax: (478) 464-0277
    State Senator Tommie Williams
    State Senator Tommie Williams
    304-B Legislative Office Building
    Atlanta, GA 30334
    Phone (404) 656-0089
    Local: 148 Williams Avenue
    Lyons, GA 30436
    (912) 526-7444
    U.S. Senator Zell Miller
    U.S. Senator Zell Miller
    257 Dirksen Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510
    Phone (202) 224-3643
    District Office:
    100 Colony Square, S-300
    1175 Peachtree Street
    Atlanta, GA 30361
    (404) 347-2202

    Email Webform
    Saxby Chambliss
    Congressman Saxby Chambliss
    U.S Representative (R-GA 8th)
    1019 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515-1008
    Phone (202) 225-6531
    District Office:
    P.O. Box 6258
    682 Cherry Street, S-300
    Macon, GA 31208
    Georgia email addresses of Senators and Congressmen - Congress And Senate Email Addresses - CO 340 Freedom of Speech: Law & Ethics of the Media - New England College

    U.S. Census Bureau 2000 Data Geography QuickFacts Toombs County Georgia USA
    Land area definition and source info Land area, 2000 (square miles) 367 57,906 3,537,441
    Persons per square mile definition and source info Persons per square mile, 2000 71.0 141.4 79.6
    Metropolitan Area definition and source info Metropolitan Area None 8 .

    Year 2000 Demographics of the County Toombs, Georgia
    Population by Decennial Census: 1900 to 2000
    Area Name FIPS 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000
    United States 00000 76,212,168 92,228,496 106,021,537 12,320,2624 132,164,569 151,325,798 179,323,175 203,211,926 226,545,805 248,709,873 281,421,906
    Georgia 13000 2,216,331 2,609,121 2,895,832 2,908,506 3,123,723 3,444,578 3,943,116 4,589,575 5,463,105 6,478,216 8,186,453
    Toombs County 13279 --- 11,206 13,897 17,165 16,952 17,382 16,837 19,151 22,592 24,072 26,067

    Toombs County, GA 1990 Census Data - GEOCODE: 13279.

    Toombs County, GA Population and Components of Change

    Toombs County, GA Unemployment Rate

    Name Number Date of Act Created from Named for County seat
    Toombs 142 Aug. 18, 1905 Emanuel, Montgomery, and Tattnall Robert Toombs, the Confederacy's Brigadier General and Secretary of State. Toombs had served in both houses of the U.S. Congress, but was a leading secession advocate at the Secession Convention at Milledgeville. Lyons
    Toombs County, Georgia - GAGenWeb -
    Montgomery & Toombs County, Georgia Map - CommunityLink Cafe -Street Maps & Community Profiles -
    General Robert Augustas Toombs Camp 932 Sons of Confederate Veterans =
    Toombs-Montgomery Chamber of Commerce =
    City of Vidalia =
    Ohoopee Regional Library System -
    John E. "Jack" Ladson, Jr. Genealogy Library -
    Southeastern Technical College - - Where local people go to connect! "Where local people go to connect!"

    Of Local Interest Magazine - Vidalia, Georgia's "Of Local Interest" Magazine has been serving Toombs, Montgomery, Tattnall and Surrounding Counties Since 1994. To get a Print Copy "Of Local Interest" Magazine visit any of these locations: Wal-Mart Super Center Vidalia; Captains Corner; Shoneys Vidalia; Downtown Books and News; The Onion Crop; Clarke Appliances; Kentucky Fried Chicken; Meadows Regional Hospital.

    John Williamson - Born and rasied in the small farming community of Vidalia, Georgia.

    Vidalia, Georgia Links

    Toombs County, Georgia Courthouse

    Charts & Forms

    Ancestral Chart - TOOMBS GAGenExchange

    Cemetery Log - TOOMBS GAGenExchange

    Family Group Sheet - TOOMBS GAGenExchange

    Toombs County Georgia - (Including: Lyons, Vidalia) Established: August 18, 1905; Parent County: Emanuel, Montgomery, Tattnall; County Seat: Lyons. Kindred Trails? Worldwide Genealogy Resources - Linking the World Together with Roots

    Toombs County Georgia - Middle Judicial Circuit

    Toombs County Georgia - 2001 Homestead Credit Grant

    City History - City of Vidalia

    GEORGIA - Toombs County - National Register of Historic Places

    Toombs County 4-H History

    Georgia PINES [Public Information Network for Electronic Services] - WebCat - First click on the bar in the middle of the screen to enter the site. Then enter your user ID and PIN, if you have one. If you are a visitor, please login as GUEST (no PIN required). On the right hand drop down box, scroll down to "Ohoopee Regional Library System", then in the left hand search box type the surname or place you want to find. Then click "Search Everything". This will allow you to search the holdings of the Ladson Genealogy Library. The Ohoopee Regional Library System includes: Glennville, Lyons, Mount Vernon, Reidsville and Vidalia.

    Toombs County, Georgia Health Department P.O. Box 308; 714 North West Broad Street; Lyons, Georgia 30436-0008; (912) 526-8108.

    Toombs County Sheriff's Office - USACOPS

    Jaime Villegas - USACOPS

    Lyons Police Department - USACOPS

    Vidalia Police Department - City of Vidalia

    Toombs County, Georgia Discussion Boards

    Toombs County Message Board - Counties - Georgia - States - United States - North America - Localities - Message Boards -

    Toombs County, GA Genealogy Forum - U.S. States - Georgia - U.S. States - Regional - GenForum.

    Toombs County Query Message Board - Keyword Search - Toombs County, Georgia, GeorgiaGenWeb Page

    View Rootsweb's GATOOMBS Guestbook - No messages yet. - Sign Our Guestbook - Scroll down to the bottom of this page. - Toombs Co. GA Resources - US County Resources at RootsWeb

    William Currie Odom b: 1919 - His father was a John Odom. Mother was Nona (believe Currie) born 1898 in Toombs county. I also know that his father owned a turpentine plantation in Toombs county. Georgia State Club Messages -

    Georgia Genealogy Queries -

    Georgia Regional at ODP - Modified by Editor bobbitt as a Site Map and Navigation Help.

    Toombs County Historical Society - P.O. Box 2825; Vidalia, GA 30474; (912) 537-3477 Frank Moore.

    The John E. Ladson, Jr. Genealogical Library - 119 Church Street; Vidalia, Georgia 30474; (912) 537-8186.

    Miss Toombs Co Forestry Pageant

    Toombs County Bike Cues - Bike Highway; Uncle Barn's Bicycle Cue Sheet Exchange

    Toombs County Community Links - Directory of Georgia Counties - Georgia Magazine - Guide To Georgia.

    Toombs County History and Information - Georgia Map - Southeastern Genealogy Online

    Toombs County Probate Court - Judge Jackie 0. Driskell; Toombs County Courthouse; P.O. Box 1370; Lyons, GA 30436; Telephone: (912)-526-8696; Fax: (912)-526-1008.

    Toombs County EMA - Director Name: Mr. Ronald E. Widener; Agency Address: Post Office Box 487; Lyons, Georgia 30436-0487; Office Phone: 912-526-6424; Office Fax: 912-526-9651. GEMA Contacts for Toombs County: Area Coordinator: Diane May, 229-276-2779; 9-1-1 Coordinator: Elaine Sexton, 770-535-5490; Consequence Management: Ralph Reichert, 404-635-7080; School Safety Project: Steven Harris, 770-535-5419; Hazard Mitigation Analysis and Risk Assessment: Paul Putnam, 912-486-7942.

    Operation Dear Abby
    Send Your Thanks To the U.S. Military
    Send Your Thanks To the U.S. Military
    Kids Get Vidalia Flip-Flops in Iraq October 20 -- This past summer, alumni of the Leadership Toombs-Montgomery program spearheaded a local drive to collect flip-flops for kids in Iraq. Over 800 pairs of flip-flops were shipped to Fort Hood, Texas where they were added to a shipment of several thousand which had been gathered under the leadership of former Vidalians, Gary and Barbara Cluck. The flip-flops were distributed to kids like those pictured above. Mission Accomplished! Archives News Radio October 20, 2004

    Toombs County, Georgia War Memorial

    Toombs County, Georgia War Military Personnel

    Vidalia Surgeon Serving Iraq

    The first group of area soldiers from the Lyons National Guard unit are home from Iraq. Specialist Jonathan Roberts of Lyons is home for the first time since the unit deployed over a year ago.

    Alan Douberly local reservist injured in Iraq.

    Sergeant Gary Dowd - Soldier from Metter, Candler County, Georgia Wounded.

    Army Sgt. 1st Class Gregory F. Plains has returned to the 67th Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon, Augusta, Ga., after a deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The soldier has been decorated with the Army Commendation Medal for distinguishing himself by acts of heroism, meritorious achievement or meritorious service while participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Operation Iraqi Freedom is the official name given to military operations involving members of the U.S. armed forces and coalition forces participating in efforts to free and secure Iraq. Mission objectives focus on force protection, peacekeeping, stabilization, security and counter-insurgency operations as the Iraqi transitional governing bodies assume full sovereign powers to govern the peoples of Iraq. Members from all branches of the U.S. military and multinational forces are also assisting in rebuilding Iraq's economic and governmental infrastructure, and training and preparing Iraqi military and security forces to assume full authority and responsibility in defending and preserving Iraq's sovereignty and independence as a democracy. Plains, a system switch chief, is the son of Delores Plain of Eagle St., and nephew of Alexander Fulton of Palm St., both of New Orleans, La. His wife, Valerie, is the daughter of Mamie N. Williams of Second Ave., Vidalia, Ga. NOTE TO THE EDITOR: The mother's name is spelled as it appears on the release form. Notes: (1.) If your service member has Email, please let them know about this Website. (2.) If the article above was released by FHTNC or AFNEWS, it has been released for publication and is public domain. (3.) This release will be deleted 60 days after the posting date shown above. Army & Air Force Hometown News and Fleet Hometown News Center (AFNEWS HTNC)

    Georgia Soldiers Who Have Died In Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Spc. Jamaal R. Addison, 22, Roswell, Fulton Co., Ga., March 23, 2003, Iraq
    Army 1st Lt. Tyler H. Brown, 26, Atlanta, Fulton Co., Ga., September 14, 2004, Ar Ramadi, Iraq
    Army Spc. Marvin A. Camposiles, 25, Austell, Cobb Co., Ga., April 17, 2004, Samarra, Iraq
    Sgt. Michael T. Crockett, 27, Soperton, Treutlen Co., Ga., July 14, 2003, Baghdad, Iraq
    Army Staff Sgt. Ricky L. Crockett, 37, Broxton, Coffee Co., Ga., Jan. 12, 2004
    Sgt. Wilbert Davis, 40, Hinesville, Liberty Co., Ga., April 3, 2003, Iraq
    Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Christopher M. Dickerson, 33, Eastman, Dodge Co., Ga., April 30, 2004, Al Anbar province, Iraq
    Army Spc. Marshall L. Edgerton, 27, Rocky Face, Whitfield Co., Ga., December 11, 2003, Ar Ramadi, Iraq
    Army Staff Sgt. Bobby C. Franklin, 38, Mineral Bluff, Fannin Co., Ga., August 20, 2003, Baghdad, Iraq
    Army Pvt. Benjamin L. Freeman, 19, Valdosta, Lowndes Co., Ga., October 13, 2003, Al Asad, Iraq
    Army Sgt. Nathaniel Hart, Jr., 29, Valdosta, Lowndes Co., Ga., July 28, 2003, Tillil, Iraq
    Army Spc. Christopher J. Holland, 26, Brunswick, Glynn Co., Ga., December 17, 2003, Baghdad, Iraq
    Air Force Airman 1st Class Antoine J. Holt, 20, Kennesaw, Cobb Co., Ga., April 10, 2004, Balad Air Field, Iraq
    Army Spc. Justin W. Johnson, 22, Rome, Floyd Co., Ga., April 10, 2004, Baghdad, Iraq
    Army Spc. Nathaniel H. Johnson, 22, Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga., Jan. 8, 2004, Fallujah, Iraq
    Spc. John K. Klinesmith, Jr., 25, Stockbridge, Henry Co., Ga., June 12, 2003, Al Fallujah, Iraq
    Capt. Edward J. Korn, 31, Savannah, Chatham Co., Ga., April 3, 2003, Iraq
    Marine Lance Cpl. Juan Lopez, 22, Whitfield, Troup Co., Ga., June 21, 2004, Al Anbar Province, Iraq
    Army Sgt. William J. Normandy, 42, Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga., March 15, 2004, Camp Virginia, Kuwait
    Spc. David T. Nutt, 32, Douglas, Coffee Co., Ga., May 14, 2003, Mosul, Iraq
    Pfc. Diego F. Rincon, 19, Conyers, Rockdale Co., Ga., March 29, 2003, Iraq
    Army Pfc. William R. Strange, 19, Adrian, Emanuel Co., Ga., April 2, 2004, Baghdad, Iraq
    Army Master Sgt. Thomas R. Thigpen, Sr., 52, Augusta, Richmond Co., Ga., March 16, 2004, Camp Virginia, Kuwait
    Army Pfc. Marquis A. Whitaker, 20, Columbus, Muscogee Co., Ga., April 27, 2004, Scania, Iraq
    Army Command Sgt. Maj. Jerry L. Wilson, 45, Thomson, McDuffie Co., Ga., November 23, 2003, Mosul, Iraq

    Operation Iraqi Freedom - The United States Army - On Behalf of a Gateful Nation... - This page is dedicated to those Soldiers who have given their lives for liberty in the War on Terrorism.

    Georgia - Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom - Remembering the soldiers who died in the service of their country.

    Army A - Z - Defend America

    Toombs County, Georgia Cemeteries

    Toombs County, Georgia - Lineages Web Site

    Toombs County, Georgia County Profile Page - CapitolImpact

    Toombs County, Georgia County Profile Page - Cemeteries in or near Toombs County - ePodunk

    Talbot to Twiggs - Georgia Cemetery Transcriptions Records -

    Toombs County, Georgia - Hosted by John B. Ellis. Georgia Counties Selection List Table - GeorgiaGenWeb Page

    Vital Records - Toombs County, Georgia Table of Contents - Georgia Counties Selection List Table - GAGenWeb Archives

    Toombs County, Georgia Genealogy Links - Georgia - United States -

    Toombs County, Georgia Cemetery Registration - Georgia Tombstone Transcription Project - National Tombstone Transcription Project - USGenWeb Special Projects - USGenWeb Project

    Georgia One Hour Journey's In Your Own Backyard - Fun & Stuff - Georgia Southern University

    Toombs County History and Information - Toombs County, Georgia Genealogical Records Information - Southeastern Genealogy Online - or

    Toombs County at a Glance

    Toombs County Data - Georgia Facts and Figures

    Toombs County Economic Profile - [pdf] Adobe Acrobat file. - Toombs County Economic Profile - View as HTML. - Georgia Community Profiles

    Sweet Vidalia Onion Facts

    Index of /~cenfiles/ga/toombs/1920/ed120 - ED 120: File 1 of 18 - ED 120: File 2 of 18 - ED 120: File 3 of 18 - ED 120: File 4 of 18 - ED 120: File 5 of 18 - ED 120: File 6 of 18 - ED 120: File 7 of 18 - ED 120: File 8 of 18 - ED 120: File 9 of 18 - ED 120: File 10 of 18 - ED 120: File 11 of 18 - ED 120: File 12 of 18 - ED 120: File 13 of 18 - ED 120: File 14 of 18 - ED 120: File 15 of 18 - ED 120: File 16 of 18 - ED 120: File 17 of 18 - ED 120: File 18 of 18 - Index of /~cenfiles/ga/toombs/1920/ed121 - ED 121: File 1 of 12 - ED 121: File 2 of 12 - ED 121: File 3 of 12 - ED 121: File 4 of 12 - ED 121: File 5 of 12 - ED 121: File 6 of 12 - ED 121: File 7 of 12 - ED 121: File 8 of 12 - ED 121: File 9 of 12 - ED 121: File 10 of 12 - ED 121: File 11 of 12 - ED 121: File 12 of 12 - Georgia 1920 Federal Census - Georgia Counties - State Census Index - Census Project Home Page - Toombs County, Georgia Federal Census Index - Georgia - Census Project - USGenWeb

    Toombs County (formed 1905 from Emanuel, Tattnall, & Montgomery)

    1920 Federal Census of ED 120 Pages: 
    [1A-3A]    [3B-4B]    [5A-6A]    [6B-7B]    
    [8A-9B]    [10A-11A]    [11B-12B]    [13A-14A]
    1920 Federal Census of ED 121 Pages: 
    [1A-2B]    [3A-4B]    [5A-6B]    [7A-8B]    [9A-10B]    [11A-12B]
    [13A-14B]    [15A-16B]    [17A-18B]    [19A-20B]    [21A-22B]    [23A-24A]

    Toombs County Georgia - Kindred Trails

    Toombs County - Georgia - United States - Directory - Genealogy Today

    Georgia Cemetery Records - (3747) - Cemetery Records State List - The Genealogy Register

    TOOMBS - GAGenExchange





    Toombs County - Oconee to Worth Counties - Georgia Counties - Census Finder - Links to all the FREE census online.

    Toombs Co., Georgia Census Online Links - None at this time.

    Toombs County - Georgia Counties - Roadside Georgia links - Roadside Georgia - Guide to Travel, Leisure and Recreation in North America and beyond.

    Toombs County Lyons, Georgia (Georgia Counties) - Online Highways - Guide to Travel, Leisure and Recreation in North America and beyond.

    GAGenWeb Archives - Toombs County, Georgia - bios - Cemetery Listings - Text Files Index - 1920 Census Records - Military Records - Newspapers - Obituarys - Photos.

    Book look-ups by Andrew Rawls - "Cemeteries of Toombs County, Georgia" by Moses M. Coleman. Same information.

    Toombs County Georgia - The Political Graveyard

    AHGP Cemetery Transcription and Photo Project for Toombs County, Georgia - AHGP

    West Georgia Unidentified Photos - The photos on this page are believed to be of relatives of James Morgan Richardson and his wife, Nancy Catherine McBurnett.

    Journal of John Joseph Pledger Jeans Murphy - Missionary in Georgia 1886 - 1887.

    Series Title: Unemployment Rate: Toombs County, Georgia; Percent; NSA

    Butterflies of Toombs County, Georgia

    National Register of Historical Places - GEORGIA (GA), Toombs County

    Toombs County Foreclosure Property -

    Toombs County - Region 9 -

    Toombs County - Region 9 - Heart of Georgia Altamaha Workforce Investment Board Web Site.

    Riddle-Jackson House - 608 Jackson Street, Vidalia, Toombs County, GA. Built in America - The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) collections - American Memory - The Library of Congress,%20608%20Jackson%20Street,%20Vidalia,%20Toombs%20County,%20GA&displayType=1&itemLink=S?ammem/hh:@field%28SUBJ+@od1%28GEORGIA++Toombs+County++Vidalia%29%29

    Toombs County - Localities: Counties, Areas & Regions - Georgia - U.S. - What's New on October 26, 2005 - Cyndi's List - Main Category Index.

    Toombs County Census Data

    Toombs County Community Information - Georgia - StateGuide

    First District - Bleckley - Cochran/Bleckley; Bulloch - Statesboro; Burke - Waynesboro/Burke; Chandler - Metter/Chandler; Columbia - Columbia Co.; Dodge - Eastman/Dodge; Laurens Co. - Dublin/Laurens Co.; Effingham - Effingham Co., City of Rincon; Emanuel - Swainsboro/Emanuel; Evans - Evans Co.; Glascock - Glascock Co.; Jefferson - Jefferson Co. & Wrens; Jenkins - Millen/Jenkins; McDuffie - Thomson/McDuffie; Montgomery - Montgomery Co.; Pulaski-Hawkinsville/Pulaski Co.; Reidsville Rec. dept.; Richmond - Augusta/Richmond; Screven - Sylvania/Screven Co.; Tattnall - Glennville; Toombs - Vidalia & Lyons; Truetlen - Soperton Recreation; Warren - None; Wheeler - Wheeler Co.; Johnson - Johnson Co. - Georgia Recreation and Park Association

    Toombs County and Cities Information - Heart of Georgia Altamaha RDC

    Southern Georgia - Northern Georgia - Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields

    Toombs County Charities


    America's Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia, Inc. - 5 Carolan Street; Savannah GA 31415; Phone: 912-236-6750; Fax: 912-238-1391; Executive Director: Natalie Alwan Jayroe; Web Site:

    Salvation Army - Vidalia Corps - Serving the city of Vidalia and Toombs County since 1992.

    American Red Cross - Bulloch County Chapter - 515 Denmark Street, Suite 1000; Statesboro, GA 30459; E-mail:; Phone: 912-764-4468; Fax: 912-489-1328.

    Regional CoC Workshop Notes Dublin Workshop

    Civil War

    Georgia History

    Governor's Commission on Georgia History

    New Georgia Encyclopedia

    Visit the
    New Georgia Encyclopedia
    New Georgia

    Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia - National Governors Association - Georgia Governors
    Georgia Counties with Property Records Online - Georgia Counties - p

    Georgia Free Public Record Sites - From: BRB Publications, Inc.

    Georgia Flags

    Georgia has a new state flag

    The Flag of the State of Georgia - Current State Flags: Alabama - Missouri - Current State Flags: Montana - Wyoming - National/Historical American Flags - Current Flags of US Districts, Territories, and Possessions -A Guide to American Flags - A Chronology of US Historical Documents - The University of Oklahoma College of Law - In May, 2003, the Flag of the State of Georgia was changed. The two previous flags appear below the current flag. May, 2003 - Present, 2001-2003 and 1956-2001.

    How to Support Our Troops

    The Strength of America

    Georgia Magazines

    Georgia Magazine - P. O. Box 1707; Tucker, Georgia 30085; (770) 270-6950; 1(800) 544-4362.

    Georgia Backroads - History magazine about Georgia history, Native American history, historical sites in Georiga and more!

    Georgia Trend Magazine - Rural Georgia's largest news source.

    Georgia Sportsman Magazine

    Georgia Cities Magazines

    Atlanta Magazine

    Search WWW Search

    Athens Magazine

    Search WWW Search

    Columbus Magazine

    Search WWW Search

    Macon Magazine

    Search WWW Search

    Savannah Magazine

    Search WWW Search

    Statesboro Magazine

    Search WWW Search

    The Advance-Progress has published Volume Two of a pictorial history of Toombs and Montgomery Counties. Standard edition is $27.50 each. Pictorial History, c/o The Advance-Progress, P.O. Box 669, Vidalia, GA 30475. {Or} 205 East First Street (U.S. Highway 280); Vidalia, GA 30474. Phone: [912] 537-3131.

    Georgia State Wide Sites

    Georgia - Websites - Guest Pages - RootsWeb - United States and Territories

    Georgia Radio & TV Broadcasting Stations on the Internet -

    Georgia Prisoners -

    Georgia Death Row Prisoners - Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty

    Georgia Unknown County

    Georgia Unknown County - Brick Walls

    Georgia County Snapshots - Powered by

    Georgia Genealogy -

    Georgia Superior Court Clerks - Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority -

    Georgia Genealogy Libraries

    Georgia Genealogy Libraries - Pasco County Genealogical Society, Inc. -

    Georgia Genealogy - GeneaLinks -

    Georgia Archives, Libraries, and Historical Societies - Georgia Genealogy -

    Georgia - Kindred Trails -

    Library Links for the Georgia Researcher - Genealogy Links for Georgia Researchers - -

    Georgia Public Library Links - The Georgia Public Library Service -

    World Wide Sites

    USGenWeb Lineage Researcher Pages -

    Free Online Lookup Directory - Melissa Data -

    Geographic Nameserver -

    Genealogical Independent Researchers for Hire

    Georgia Genealogical Society Independent Researchers for Hire - Georgia Genealogical Society - A nonprofit volunteer organization, founded as a Friend of the Georgia Department of Archives and History in 1964.

    APG Membership Directory - Please specify one or more search terms and click Search to view a list of professional genealogists that meet your criteria. Association of Professional Genealogists

    BCG Roster - Locate - Find a Certified Person. Board for Certification of Genealogists

    Independent Researchers List - The following researchers have indicated a willingness to do research for a fee. Independent Researchers - Georgia Newspaper Project - University of Georgia Libraries - University of Georgia

    Georgia Genealogical Resources - Flags That Have Flown Over Georgia - Georgia History - 1996 Summer Olympics - James Edward Oglethorpe Tercentenary Home Page - Projects - Carl Vinson Institute of Government

    Lyons, GA, United States Weather Station - Division 09 (Southeast), GA, USA - 467 Weather Stations in GA, USA - Georgia State Climatology Office - NOAA - National Weather Service - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

    Vidalia Weather - Georgia Weather -

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    Frequently Asked Questions - Original Toombs County Charter or Article of Incorporation - Looking For Francis O'Brien Maiden Name - Sara's Reply - Lisa Clark Birth Announcment - Just wondering how to get our church listed in your church listing.

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